If you want to invite people to your eyeson group, you have basically two possibilities. A prerequisite for these options is that you have an eyeson account.

Share Group Permanently

You can share your group permanently with other people. This means that if you have once shared a group with someone else, this person has always access to this group. 

The prerequisite is that the invited person has an eyeson account as well.

Just click on your room > Invite People

The following window appears: 

For distributing you group invitation via a simple link, just click on the Copy icon. Now, you can send this link to your team with your preferred communication tool.

Note: if you share your group with someone else, she/he gets an invitation link which leads directly into the video call itself. Therefore, your invitee can not only access the group from this action on, he gets also invited to a video call with the link you've sent.

Desktop Notifications: The host of the group gets always a desktop notification when one of his invitees enters the shared group. Just make sure that your desktop notifications are switched on 😉 

Share Group for 1 Single Video Call

You can share a group for one single video call. The invited person can successfully attend the call without having the permission to enter the group a second time. For this option, click on the QuickJoin icon.

If the video meeting participant has an account -  the video call is visible and accessible on its history. If the user does not have an account, no history is available.

Have fun and enjoy eyeson ;)

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