Our core technology: Single-Stream Technology (SST)

eyeson has a unique core technology called Single Stream Technology (SST). Because of this you have a bunch of great advantages:

  • The bandwidth stays always the same regardless of the number of participants (1.5 Mbits up / download per client). Don't believe us? Watch a short video. 
  • Recording includes all sources in one video and can be replayed directly after the live event.
  • „Unified broadcasting“ – All participants see the same video and slides.
  • Video quality stays ALWAYS HD.
  • Meetings can be directed by a moderator.
  • All connections are encrypted.
  • Real-time broadcasting independent on number of participants.
  • Facebook and Youtube Live Streaming is possible. 

What others do

If you compare eyeson with other video communication providers, you will find some differences:

  • The required bandwidth depends on meeting participants (4.5 Mbits up / download per client).
  • Separate recordings for all participants locally. To see all participants in one video, it needs to be cut and uploaded separately.
  • Replays with more than one active speaker is only possible after editing.
  • Video quality decreases with an increasing number of participants.
  • Moderating and directing is not possible.

Taking out the best for you from both models

So why not combining both models? eyeson found a very cool solution. While the advantages of Single Stream Technology work best for you in group video calls with more than 2 participants, simple video calls with 2 people work better when they are connected directly.

That's why eyeson automatically switches between MCU mode and SFU mode dependent from the number of participants connected.

Additionally all the advantages of cloud service processing apply also to the simple calls between 2 people in SFU mode. In parallel an transcoded video is processed during your call which can be server side recorded or broadcastet via YouTube or Facebook.

Watch a short video - see eyeson SST in action

We hope everything is clear so far! 

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