Dropbox is one of the main file hosting services which offers cloud storage. And with our Dropbox integration you can store your video meeting and webinar data there.

After you connected your eyeson and Dropbox account, a folder called eyeson is automatically created. There, all your recordings, snapshots etc. are saved.

Please note: If someone else records the video meeting or webinar, it won't be saved in your Dropbox folder!

How to get started

Log in to your eyeson account and navigate to the AppConnect. You can now see different integrations. 

Click on the Dropbox.

After opening you find a short description on how the Dropbox integration works.

Click on connect. As a next step please sign in to your Dropbox account by using your mail address or your google account. If you don’t have an Dropbox account yet, click on New to Dropbox? Create an account and follow these steps.

Now, eyeson asks you to get access to your Dropbox folder. Click on Allow, otherwise the setup process is canceled.

As a last step please click on connect now to finalize the setup process.

Well done! You can now start your video meetings and your recordings, snapshots etc. will automatically  be saved in your Dropbox folder. 

Everything clear? Cool! For more help, please write us! 

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