Zendesk is of the main leading customer service software. It works with the ticketing system as well. Therefore, customer support agents allocate their customers tickets. Again, eyeson represents a perfect support for this software. Via eyeson, problems as well as troubleshooting can be visualized through video calls. One or more participants (clients, experts, customers, partners, ...) get into the live session by simply clicking a temporary quick join link: No installation and no sign in is needed to get all your customers into a fully featured call on any device.

First of all, please visit the Zendesk Marketplace. Click here to come directly to the eyeson integration.

We offer implementations for two eyeson zendesk integrations: one for ticketing and one for chats, that is why you can see two different eyeson apps. eyeson provides your customer support and sales teams with quick and easy to access video calls with screen sharing, presentation, snapshots and cloud recording. Agents jump into a video call support session directly from your Zendesk chat or ticket.

Click on the one of the apps, then on Install in the upper right corner. One more step: if you haven't signed in to your Zendesk account yet, please do so. 

After installing eyeson in the Zendesk marketplace, a pink eyeson button is provided on your right side. Now you can simply send an invitation to your customers or partners within the ticket or chat. They only have to click on the link - then the video chat is automatically started

This is how it will look for ticketing:

And this is for chatting with customers (your customers do not need an account or have to insert personal data) :

So pretty and simple 😉 

Please note: you need an eyeson account for using eyeson from Zendesk.

We hope everything is clear so far!

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