First of all, let's understand why do you need an AdSence account.

Eyeson provides an opportunity to life-stream your webinar through YouTube in its own platform. Since eyeson operates solely as an integration for Youtube, we unfortunately cannot facilitate the whole streaming process. If you want to invite your viewrs to the eyeson platform through "Webinar Link", you need to prepare Adsense Account before.

As a first step, go to YouTube and login via your Gmail account for setting up a YouTube account.

Now, you have to create an account within the account (we know this sounds crazy) for having the permission to live stream. Therefore, insert your first and last name. Then, click on Create Channel.

After you created a Chanel, go to your YouTube Studio settings (marked yellow) which are positioned on the upper-right corner.

As a next step click on Livestreaming (marked yellow) on the upper-right corner.

You are re-directed to a new window where you have to click on Get Started. Now you choose a country of origin and decide on how you want to get your permission code for continuation (orally or as text message). Enter the number of the phone on which you want to receive this code.

As a result, you receive a confirmation code. Insert this code. Now your account is nearly set up.

Now, if you press continue you will see this picture. Meaning, that you need to wait 24 hours until your account is verified. We know that it is long and stupid, but it does not depends on us :(

After 24 hours you can try to use your life-stream session! In case it still does not work, follow next steps.

Go to Creator Studio Classic - CHANNEL - Status and Features. Check that your embedding allowance is ticked off! It should look like this in the end:

If no, you need to Activate AdSense account. Follow the link "active AdSense account" and you should see this page:

Press Go to Studio and you should see this:

Press Notify and then you need to wait until it is eligible. Please, take into account that it can take up to 30 days due to YouTube monetization policies and, unfortunately, eyeson cannot influence on that. The good thing is that you need to go through this complicated process only once and never again :)

Now, when your AdSense account is activated, you can fully enjoy eyeson! Congratulations 😊

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