Perfect, after you have successfully completed step 1, 2 and 3 you've reached the fourth and last step.

After you have invited your speakers and viewers as well as chosen an webinar replay and image, you are ready to go. Click on the video icon.

After that, you can set up your microphone, speaker and camera. Once you have done this, go to Join now. You can see yourself in your webinar right away.

Now, go to Start live streaming which is located on your bottom-left. After clicking on that, choose Start live streaming to YouTube. Click Start.

Then, select your account (Gmail Account) which is embedded in your AdSense account. If you need help for setting up this account, get advice from this article.

If you are a webinar speaker or so-called host of the webinar, your view looks like the following:

You can see on the bottom-left how many viewers enjoying your webinar. In this case it is 1 viewer.

Moreover, you see also the messages which have been sent to you by the viewers. If you want to stream them in your webinar click on Show in Stream

Now, the question or message is visible to everybody. However, only one single message can be streamed at once.

Only as a webinar speaker you can decide which messages/questions are going to be shown. Moreover, you can chat with other webinar speakers. Webinar viewers are only allowed to ask questions. They cannot receive answers via the chat.

Other Features

The webinar offers the same features as the video meeting does. This means that you can 

  • record your webinar (although it is automatically saved in your YouTube account anyway)
  • share your screen or PDFs/images
  • invite webinar viewers during the webinar via the Quick Join option
  • stream your webinar on Facebook
  • have a look at your webinar in your history

After you've ended the webinar, eyeson provides you with an attendee list as CSV file. You can find this file under your webinar settings.

Enjoy your webinars! 😊 We hope we could help you and if you have questions, please write us.

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