This article helps you set up your Firefox Web Browser to access your video calls quicker and easier with eyeson.

When you open the meeting group for the first time

It does not look nice when Firefox blocks your devices. The dialogs don't even show the devices you would like to access. So don't forget to allow access to your cam / mic. 

Then you can easily start testing your devices and select your cam / mic of choice.

What to do if you missed it to allow cam / mic?

That's easy - in your browser there are cam / mic icons positioned on the left side besides the URL. Please click there. 

Then, the popup for cam / mic access reopens. It shows you again the permissions and you can change your previous choice by clicking on the x.

When you are done, one more step is necessary: You need to refresh your browser to take the changes into effect. Firefox asks you to do so. Don't miss it 😉 

Afterwards you see your cam / mic devices working and you can do the preview and testing of your audio / video setup.

Don't forget to allow again, when you join the eyeson group. You need to do this again, when you did not check "Remember Decision" (otherwise it asks again and again...)

Now you are done 🙂

If you want to change later - check your Firefox settings

You find your choice again when you enter the settings of firefox in section "Privacy & Security".

We hope, everything is clear so far! Happy collaborating! 🙂

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