If you are looking for a group video call tool you are normally comparing the main provider like Zoom, Gotomeeting, Skype for Business, eyeson, etc. Your decision depends basically on pricing, features & design. To facilitate your decision process, we've provided a pricing overview for you 💰 😉

Please note that all prices are net prices without taxes. Taxes apply specific for each country.


Pro € 9.99/mo/host (all-in-one)
all features included in PRO without limits - no separate charges for specific features like recording, streaming, unlimited participants or cloud storage


Pro € 13.99/mo/host
Business € 18.99/mo/host
Enterprise € 18.99/mo/host


Pro $ 9.99/mo/host (limited to 12 participants)
Business $ 99.99


Starter € 24/mo/host
Pro € 26/mo/host
Plus € 59/mo/host

Skype for Business

Office 365 Business Premium $ 15/mo/host*
Office 365 Business Essentials $ 6/mo/host*

Please note: If you want to use Skype for Business, you can only buy it as a package. This means that you can't buy solely the video conferencing tool itself. However, Microsoft offers two different packages in which Skype for Business is included.

Pricing Information 

As you can see, eyeson provides the most competitive pricing model. Moreover, you can use eyeson for free as well. This means that you can have as many meetings as you want. But, the group video calls can only take up to 30 minutes in the free package. Furthermore, you are also not limited when it comes to the number of participants. The only limitation you might experience is the number of groups you can create as well as for some features you might want to use. With the Pro and Corporate model, you can make as many groups as you want. No limitations! 

Zoom provides also a decent pricing system. However, the free model limits you already tremendously. Group meetings can only take up to 40 minutes. Only 1:1 meetings are unlimited in terms of duration. With the paid models, these limitations do not apply anymore.

Appear.In's pricing is pretty simple since it offers only 3 options. With the free model you have one group and you can make meetings with up to 4 people. With the PRO model you can create 10 groups and you can have meetings with up to 12 people. Basically, you experience some limitations in terms of feature availability when it comes to the free and also PRO model. Upgrade to BUSINESS needed to have full feature set.

Gotomeeting's pricing is different compared to Zooms' and eyesons'. The Starter package allows you to have meetings with up to 10 participants, the Pro package with up to 150 participants and the Plus with up to 250. As a result, you see that the more expensive the package gets, the more participants are possible in one meeting. Moreover, as you pay more, more features as well as gadgets can be be used. As the only one, Gotomeeting does not offer a free model, only a free trial period.

Since Skype for Business belongs to Microsoft, its offer varies compared to the other video conferencing provider. As already mentioned, you cannot buy only Skype for Business since it is part of Microsoft's Services. It always comes within a package. The Office 365 Business Premium includes all Office applications and all Services. Only the Office 365 Business Essentials comes without the Office applications but with the Services. 

In terms of features, they are difficult to compare since all five service providers are specialized in different fields of businesses. However, Zoom and Gotomeeting provide hardware, eyeson, Appear.In and Skype for Business do not. All five companies provide Android/iOS apps, which vary heavily in terms of their development stage. The prices which have been compared are monthly prices. Some of the video conferencing provider offer annual plans as well. 

If you have more questions, please write at support@eyeson.com.

Please note: The provided information is supplied without liability.

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