After you purchased your license key here you need to sign in to eyeson and activate the key. After you logged in you'll see the following screen:

Please open the menu "License":

Now you just simply need to enter your license key to activate your license.

After you've entered the key, you need to dedicate the license to a person. If you've purchased a license for 1 host, only one email address is accepted. 

In case you purchased a license for more hosts, just enter their email addresses like you see below.

Please note: your license participants need to register on eyeson with the same email address you assigned the license to.

After that, eyeson willl let you know how many emails you have assigned and how many months the license expires.

You can edit and update your license sharing user e-mail list at any time.

Please note: the e-mail addresses you enter in this list do not necessarily need to be active users on eyeson. As soon as somebody signs up with a corresponding e-mail address you entered in your list, the license is automatically shared with this user. 

Editing your users e-mail list is not sending any e-mails or notification to this e-mail addresses! It is simply an easy way to share your eyeson PRO 10, 20, 30 or CORPORATE licenses.

Still not sure how to activate your license key? Watch a short video:

Have fun with eyeson 🙂

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