You can now easily remove certain participants from your video meeting group.

How it works

First of all, you need to know that only the group owner can remove people from a video meeting group. In this case, Elijah is the host of the "Tutorial Group".

Now, Elijah wants to remove Emma from this group. If you move your cursor over the member you want to remove a red cross appears. Click on it. 

The following pop-up window appears:

If you want to remove Theresa from your group click on Remove. Great. Theresa won't see the "Tutorial Group" in her overview anymore. 

If Elijah has shared the group link with Emma, and she clicks on it, she will automatically receive access to the group again: 

If she clicks on join, she will get redirected to her group overview. If she clicks on join & start a meeting Theresa will join the video meeting and the group will be added to her group overview.

We hope everything is clear so far? If not you can also watch the video tutorial below.

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