Congrats on your special offer purchase of an eyeson license :-) You should have received a link with an activation code.

How to activate an eyeson license link purchased

The link you received should look like this:<key>

Once you click on this link you are redirected to login or signup so that you can go ahead and activate the code. 

Go ahead and sign up  - now you should be redirected to a page where you can activate your license code.

Your license code form should pre-filled!

After activation you find your active license code in the license section. (upper left hand-side)

Manage multiple eyeson licenses 

With each purchased team license you can add other hosts (number of hosts depends on the licence plan) by typing in their email address. Don't worry: you can change this list anytime! 

Buying additional AppSumo license codes enables you to add three more email addresses per license code. The assignment of hosts will only be available to you as admin. Keep in mind that automated invite mails will not be sent out by eyeson so make sure you let your invited hosts know they can now use eyeson from now on.

It is important that you NEVER DELETE YOUR OWN ACCOUNT EMAIL from the host list. If you accidentally deleted it, you won't be able to access the system anymore.

So what should invited people do?

  1. Go to
  2. Sign UP with the email which the licence holder assigned under the host list
  3. Enjoy eyeson! ;)

Attention! For the first 14 days some users might be in a free trial. After 14 days they are automatically premium license holders.

If the invited people want to have a proof that they are under your licence, they should go to the "licence" page and check the message that they are "a part of an active license." Like that:

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