eyeson is much more than a video conferencing tool. With our API you can create your own amazing real-time single stream video features and live data visualizations. To find out more, visit https://www.eyeson.com/developers/.

Register Your Own API Key for Free Testing

First, create your free eyeson account on https://accounts.eyeson.team/projects.

After you have registered, you can find the API menu on the left side of your window. Here, you can request a key and find all the information you'll need.

Moreover, this section tells you how many minutes you've already used eyeson with your API.

API key creation is a simple process - first of all, you need to enter a short description of your project.

Then you can request the key. Afterwards you will get an e-mail you need to confirm. 

After you have confirmed, your key will be created automatically:

Refresh the website after a while - then you find your API key.

You can also revoke your API key any time with the e-mail confirmation process. Now you are ready to go!

To jump into our documentation, coding examples, libraries and developers blog please visit https://www.eyeson.com/developers/ and scroll down the page, there you find all the links you need.

If you need more information about the eyeson AP or want to reach our developers with questions regarding the API you can create issues also directly on our GitHub.

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