Trello is a collaboration tool which organizes projects into boards. It tells what's being worked on, who is working on what and what's next. It visualizes the workflow of your whole team by providing a structured overview. Moreover, you can use it on your smartphone as well.

For daily stand-up meetings, eyeson can be easily used since it serves Trello as an integration. In your Trello board click on Show Menu, which is located on your top right corner. Then, click on Power-Ups. Look for the eyeson logo and click on Enable. You can also find the eyeson group video calls app at the Trello Marketplace here. Click on Add Power-up. 

If you haven't done so far, please log in to your Trello account. 

Now you can use eyeson within your Trello board for your daily stand-up video meetings. Cool, right 😉

Important to know is, that you need an eyeson account for using eyeson from Trello.

Everything clear? Cool! For more help, please write us :)

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