Using the eyeson Slack integration enables you to live stream your webinar room to YouTube.

How to get started

Enter /eyeson-webinar in the Slack #channel in which you want to start the webinar in. Do not forget the slash 😉 

Note that the channel message above is only visible to you as an initial step to get started. To continue please confirm your identity.

Enter the webinar and start streaming to YouTube

As soon as you've confirmed your identity, you'll be redirected to your eyeson room webinar.

Click on the streaming button which is located in the bottom left corner for starting the YouTube live streaming process. Once authenticated with a valid Google account you should end up with a screen similar to this one:

Here you can see that the YouTube live stream is active and a PDF presentation is in progress.

If you need more help for getting started with YouTube live streaming, 4 articles in the Help Center Webinar folder will help you for sure. If they don't, we are happy to help. Just write us an email :)

How does it look like in Slack?

Once you've started the live stream, eyeson will send the following message to the slack channel: eyeson webinar has started. This message is visible to all channel members and contains a link to the YouTube player.

When you're presenting during a webinar (as shown above), your slides will conveniently show up for all members in an additional thread.

How can Slack members watch my webinar from within Slack?

To make full use of your webinar with Slack you need to ensure your YouTube channel is setup for embedded videos. Meaning: you need to enable AdSense for your YouTube account. Furthermore, make sure that the YouTube live streaming is enabled for your channel.

This allows eyeson to place a YouTube player to the webinar thread of your #channel which all members can watch, without ever leaving Slack! Pretty nice, right 😉 

What can I do when my YouTube Account doesn't allow live streaming or embedding?

In general, you have 2 options (and our condolences):

  • The first option is to log in to your YouTube channel and verify your settings to enable live streaming. Find out more more on the YouTube help pages
  • The second option is to at least enable live streaming without ever enabling AdSense and therefore embedding. Just take the YouTube link available in your eyeson room and share it.

How can people ask questions during the webinar?

Anyone who's in the same Slack channel as the currently active webinar can simply enter /eyeson-ask to ask their questions:

eyeson will feed your question directly into the video stream, so that all webinar participants can see your question directly inside the room and on YouTube.

All questions are listed in the room's chat feed and synced back to the Slack thread which also contains the presented slides.

Youtube live streaming help links

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